Web Visibility Services

 Search Engine Optimization

If search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t already part of your online business strategy, it should be. It is important for bringing in new clientele. Today it is all about search. It’s how people will discover your website if they are looking for a service that you offer. The obstacle is ranking high enough in search engines so people will find you. SEO is for new and potential clients, searching on the internet attempting to discover a company that will provide a service or satisfy a need.


Local Optimization

Local SEO services are all about driving local traffic to your website.  This is especially important for businesses that have a traditional brick and mortar site.  This also includes getting listed and appearing in Mobile App searches, like when someone uses their smart phone to find a specific service or company near by. I can help drive more local traffic to your site, and when combined with SMM services, my clients get the excellent results they’re looking for.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another niche rapidly becoming more powerful and effective as we grow into a digital society.  It is becoming increasingly popular and it is an inexpensive way to draw in a good portion of the online population.  I can help you build a social media strategy to help establish your brand.  I can also help you interact with your customers in a way that allows you to not only be actively engaged, but also helps you stay connected to them in a way they can relate to.

Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) uses the popularity of the Internet combined with a targeted audience to manage your advertising campaign, while keeping you within your budget.  It doesn’t matter what your business is, I can help you with this task, which is sometimes daunting for those who are unfamiliar or out of their depth. PPC is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


Overall, the difference between SEM and SEO is the targeted traffic source; paid or organic. An example of paid traffic (SEM) is bidding with search engines to display your ad, then paying them every time someone clicks on it. Organic Traffic (SEO), on the other hand, is where payment isnt involved, and search engines return results ranked on what they consider the most relevant to users. „This is determined by their proprietary algorithm, which factors over 200 signals to determine where a page will rank for a specific keyword. Both will make your site more visible to online visitors, and I can help you find your competitive edge.  I work with a brilliant team of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done efficiently in the most cost-effective way.