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SEO Tools Review

Keeping your website in tiptop shape while making sure that you’re getting good rankings is not an easy feat. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent SEO tools for the stressed and distraught webmaster and there are some of the best seo tools 2019 out there for you to check out. Here’s the A-list of the great tools that you can use to optimize your website and rank higher in search engines. Or if you want to find a capable agency to handle your SEO requirements, take a look at king kong marketing reviews to see why they are the first choice for many businesses.

Overall SEO Tools

1. Woorank

Woorank is a subscription-based online marketing service that gives you comprehensive reports on your website’s performance across different platforms – social media, mobile access, SEO, general usability – to keep you in the know of the elements and areas that you need to work on to improve your website. It also provides extensive reviews and insights on specific pages within your website, along with comparative analysis data on how your website is doing against its competitors and helps you strategize with some of the best SEO practices.

Woorank Review

Woorank is also equipped with monitoring and automated project-tracking tools that constantly update you with important metrics from other websites that are associated with yours. Top it all off with a strategic marketing plan that optimizes your website, and you get an all-around web auditing and SEO tool. Woorank offers a free seven-day trial with a money back guarantee if you find their services unsatisfactory and cancel within two days. Go To Site >>

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is, essentially, a backlink checker that provides you with extensive data reports on backlinks. It has also extended its services to include data analysis on social media platforms such as Facebook likes and shares, Twitter retweets and favorites, and Google +1s for your website’s pages. Ahrefs independently collects and organizes data reports with its own crawlers and index. It has a huge link database that’s constantly being updated.

ahrefs review

Registration at is free, allowing you to explore the wide range of services that they offer. You can take your experience to the next level by signing up for the paid subscription, which gives you the benefit of upgraded services to suit your needs. Go To Site >>

3. Quantcast

Quantcast is an SEO tool that provides you with digital marketing solutions through competitive analysis reports and data to help you gauge your website’s online performance against your competitors. It has a variety of online tools and services that drive channel optimization solutions and help you understand the trends in consumer behavior, which will prove to be useful whenever you’re making strategic decisions. Go To Site>>

Quantcast SEO Tools review

Quantcast Review Demographics

4. TagCrowd

TagCrowd is a free online tool that basically gives you an idea on how a search engine visualizes your website. It is a useful tool for determining whether your SEO techniques are up to scratch by analyzing your onpage keyword density. TagCrowd creates a word cloud from a URL and sample text from you, and the tool automatically shows word frequencies as qualitative data for SEO. Go To Site>>

Tagcrowd Review for SEO Tools

5. Spider Simulator

The Spider Simulator tool essentially works just like the Google Cache page, except that it is more comprehensive. This tool simulates the behavior of a search engine bot and helps you see what they see in your website. It’s extremely useful especially if you have a lot of non-HTML elements in your website – multimedia elements such as JAVA applets, Flash animations, videos, images, etc. – that are normally invisible to the search spider’s eyes. Just simply key in your URL on the Spider Simulator tool, hit the Spider button, and it’ll show you the spidered content in your website along with a list of internal links.

botsimulator SEO Toosl Revire

This tool is especially useful for observing advanced SEO methods, such as implementing server commands that will feed a search bot different data then a user. It simulates the bots for all three major search engines. Go To Site>>

6. SEMRush

SEMRush does an amazing job with assisting with keyword research and competitive analysis. It targets data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in the U.S. and international markets as well. Use this tool to gather large lists of relevant keywords along with their exact local search volume. You can extract these lists from suggested relating keywords, or from spying on what your competition is ranking for. You can also track the progress of your website’s keyword visibility, along side competitors’ progress. Go To Site>>


Website Performance Analytics Tools

1. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is an all-around online web tool that’s designed to check your website’s technical performance. It determines the speed at which visitors can load your website in their browsers and computer devices, and it also helps you tune-up your website to make it load even faster. Pingdom is exceptionally useful for webmasters, designers and developers who need a competent and easy-to-use tool for measuring website performance.

pindom seo tool reiew

With Pingdom Tools, you can gather data on each of your web pages to determine their average load time, total file size, and look into the other web elements – JavaScripts, Flash, CSS files, HTML, etc. – and determine the performance of each element. It also provides you with a comprehensive overview of your website’s performance, along with some highly useful tips and tricks on how to improve your website’s speed based on the best practices seen in Google Page Speed. Pingdom Tools also allows you to test your website’s performance in different locations worldwide and provides you with a complete history of your web performance results to track down the changes and improvements in your website. This is a great SEO Tool considering that page speed and load time hold relevant signal weights in Google’s algorithm. Go To Site>>

2. InternetSupervision URL Checker

InternetSupervision helps webmasters and developers keep track of their website’s performance, helping you take a preventive step against website downtime, unavailable services, and even cyber attacks. While it’s important to know if your website is running and your host is providing a good service, it’s even more important to be proactive about getting it back online fast in case of an error so you don’t lose search engine positions, or even miss out on possible revenue. InternetSupervision monitors performance through its extensive offices in key locations such as Gloucester, Sydney, Chile, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Washington DC. Go To Site>>

SEO Tools

3. Heat Map is an amazing and intricate heatmap solution to power charge your SEO. With onpage metrics now being one of Google’s heaviest algorithmic signals, it is extremely important to stay on top of a functional UX/UI design for your site. provides detailed statistics in real time, and their sidebar brings data right onto your page, displaying its most important data to keep you focused on what really matters . Plus, the interface is 100% interactive and allows you to browse your pages while the heatmap overlay is being displayed. This is an awesome tool to enhance A/B Testing and ensure you are making the best UX decisions by fully understanding your users’ behavior. Go To Site>>

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4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a high powered SEO spider tool, that mimics search bots and returns relevant data to diagnose and assess your SEO strengths and weaknesses. The program will collect and report on things like Meta data, internal duplicate content, response codes, HTags, and much, much more. Definitely a program that should be in every SEO expert’s toolbox. Go To Site>>

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Code Optimizing Tools

1. WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool)

Developed by WebAIM, WAVE is a free online tool that lets you evaluate your website’s accessibility through simple yet informative visual tools. It’s the perfect tool for those who are bogged down by crazy web metrics and confusing data reports. WAVE simply shows your web pages along with embedded icons that indicate the level of that page’s accessibility. This is a great tool to evaluate onpage HTag structures and alt-tags, along with identifying code errors. Go To Site>>

SEO Tools Review

2. FAE (Functional Accessibility Evaluator)

FAE, developed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, lets you test your website’s functionality. Registering for a free account will entitle you to enjoy additional features such as creating your own site-wide report that lets you keep track of problems within pages on your website, evaluating multiple pages at once through web crawling, and saving your reports in your very own Archived Reports list. This is a great SEO Tool to keep your code clean and well-optimized for the search-bots. Go To Site>>

SEO Tools Review

3. Robots.txt Checker

The Robots.txt Checker is an online validator tool that you can use to check if the format and coding of your robots.txt file is correct and valid. It allows you to determine whether your commands will be interpreted or misread by the search engine bots, but before using the tool. But be sure to check the tutorials and documentations, as the tool may sometimes tags some of the exclusions in your robots.txt as errors. Go To Site>>

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4. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

With the heavy focus on Structured Data, this tool should always be used to see how Google is interpreting your page, and if your authorship is verified. The Structured Data page lists each type of structured data discovered on your site, along with the number of URLs containing each type. It will test and report on, Microformats, Microdata, and RDFa structured data formats. Go To Site>>

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5. Viewlike.US

When you’re designing your website for use in both desktop and mobile platforms, Viewlike is the perfect tool for checking out how your website looks in any screen resolution. You can view your website in some of the popular devices that are presets in Viewlike’s dropdown menu. Its smartphone versions include the latest smartphone versions from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, and LG. You can also use Viewlike to see how your website looks in tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktop devices. Viewlike is free and online – no need to download anything. Just simply key in your URL and test your site for immediate results. Go To Site>>

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SEO Courses & Learning

1) ClickMinded

ClickMinded is an online SEO training course designed to teach startups how to drive more traffic and more customers to their site as quickly as possible. Go to ClickMinded SEO Training.


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