Optimize Your Life | 15 Brilliant Life Hacks for Easier Living


1) Photocopy Drilling Guide

Photocopy Nail Guide



2) Water Bottle Camping Light

Water Bottle Light

A standard headlamp strapped to a 1 gallon jug of water can illuminate an entire room or tent.


3) Hold Small Nails with a Clothespin Alligator Clip

clothespin nail holder

Use a clothes pin to hold small nails when hammering them.


4) Soft-drink lids can be used as coasters

Use soft-drink lids as a coaster

Use the lids from disposable soft-drink cups as coasters for your beverage.


5) Optimize Your Sandwich Surface Space

Place cold-cuts on Sandwiches


6) Egg Yolk Separator

Separate Egg Yolks from Egg Whites

Place a squeezed (or compressed) plastic bottle on top of a yoke and unsqueez (or decompress) to create a vacuum and separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.


7) Charge Your Phone While Traveling

Charge Phones From TVs

Flatscreen TVs, found in almost all hotels, have USB slots in the back that will charge most smartphones. 


8) Homemade Icepacks

DYI Icepacks

A frozen sponge in a ziplock bag serves as a perfect icepack that won’t drip.


9) Use Retail Hangers as Chip Clips

DYI Chip Clips


10) Play iPhone & Android Games Without Ads

Remove Game Ads

If you put your phone into airplane mode while gaming, it will stop those annoying ads from appearing.


11) Use A Popcorn Bag’s Vent to Filter Out Kernels

popcorn with no kernels

Once the popcorn is nearly finished cooking, take it out of the microwave and turn the bag upside down over a bowl. Though you may need to open it slightly, the small vent at the top of the bag should be big enough for kernels to fit through, but won’t allow any finished popcorn to escape. 


12) Keep your pot from bubbling over

Prevent overflowing bubbles in boiling pots

Place a wooden spoon over the top of boiling water and it will stop it from boiling over.


13) Use a Can Opener on Hard To Open Plastic Packaging

Open Plastic


14) For the Always-Falling Zipper

Falling Zipper Fix


15) Use AAA batteries in devices that require AA

Use AAA in AA Slots

Double-A and Tripple-A batteries carry similar voltage, so all you need to do is fill in the dead space with conductive material like aluminum  foil.


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    • #7 would be a backup option if your wall attachment broke or was left behind. Quite honestly, I have been in a bind where I had a USB cord, but not the wall attachment. Also, I just realized #11 required more explanation, so I have updated the article. Essentially, it suggests using a popcorn bag’s vent to filter out kernels. Thank for the feedback 🙂

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