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How to make a cartoon of yourself

Optimize your online image! Do this by choosing your gender, then tweaking features until it looks like an identical copy of you.

Reasons to make a cartoon of yourself

  • making an avatar of friends as holiday or birthday gifts
  • Design your own avatar character for your Social Media Profile Images
  • Make your own cartoon character to use in games for kids, such as ‘Candy Land’ playing pieces

Use this tool to make a cartoon avatar of yourself. This simple to use app will allow you to make a cool avatar of yourself or a friend. It’s a fun and unique way to represent yourself to others online. Use your avatar anywhere, from Gravatar to, blog profiles, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc. Many have requested that their avatar be used on sites similar to www.cartoonporno.xxx, though we’re not sure that this would end too well.

Images made by others using our Avatar Generator

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