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The Power of Social Media

Have you and your business partners wondered what social media can do for your business? It’s not just a platform to connect to your friends, but basically to the whole world. Where the internet has turned the world into a global village, social media sites have made it more like a drawing room to your home where you can meet anyone and talk about anything you would like. For online marketing of a brand, businesses have now started turning towards social media marketing.

With the ever increasing popularity of these sites, with over 750,000,000 unique monthly visitors on Facebook, which happens to be the most popular website in the world, businesses have now found it an effective form of internet marketing. Each of these sites has a peculiar perspective and some exclusive features for providing connections. With the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + a business can have numerous advantages in creating awareness and increasing revenues. If you’d like to employ help to increase your marketing presence to help you expand your business, looking into services from companies such as https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/ could help.

Advantages of Social Media

  • Increased Traffic: The advantage that one gets upon using a social network for marketing of a business is increased traffic. Not everyone is likely to visit your official website, but everyone browsing a social media site is likely to have a look at your business there. That is your chance to attract their attention and take them to your official business website.
  • Brand Awareness: Since getting the news alerts through Twitter has now become more of a trend than a need, you can always convey yours through it too. Whatever the promotions or the new happenings are, you can ensure to let maximum people know of it through these miraculous sites. Statistics show that almost 86% users on Facebook have liked the official page of at least one brand and almost 61% on Twitter have followed at least one brand’s page. While people are there for entertainment, you can get them to notice your brand.
  • Prospecting: There are some sites that keep a professional profile and bio-data of users, most popular being LinkedIn. Many companies now have started using these profiles to fill a vacancy with the new hire. They not only cut down their costs that would have been used on advertising, but also get an easy access to the background investigation of the candidate as well.
  • Target Marketing: By keeping track of activities of the users on these sites, marketers now have an opportunity to design and formulate their strategies and tactics according to the mindsets of the target customers. With options such as “like”, “share”, “comment”, “follow”, on these sites, one can evaluate the preferences, likes and dislikes of these users and then design what is needed to be done to achieve their objectives. Moreover, you can keep your audience engaged and maintain their interest level in your brand by continuously posting and being active on your social community. Throw questions towards your visitors, welcome their feedback and evaluate your success from it.
  • Cost Effective: Budgets being the most important issue in doing anything, so it is in marketing as well. But guess what, these social media sites are all free. Yes, absolutely free. You do not have to pay to create a page on these sites, to get it liked or followed, to keep it updated and to boost your sales through it. All you need to do is to sign up and start posting.

A social media marketing campaign for a business is the easiest and least expensive forms of Internet Marketing in 2013. Using social media for business has been found to be one of the greatest benefits to many businesses. If you have still not added social media marketing to your business, it’s time to start. This is one thing that has infinite potential for the success and promotion of entrepreneurs and their new business ventures.

By: Christian Smith

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