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Today, I came across this interesting quote from a brilliant German theologian:

No man need fear death, he need fear only that he may die without having known his greatest power: the power of his free will to give his life for others. – Albert Schweitzer

The greatest use of this life is to spend it towards something that will ultimately outlast it. Try to consider, whenever you can, how you can provide another person enjoyment; and begin to notice how you become to feel more useful and worthwhile. If all else fails, try doing something nice for someone who doesn’t even expect it; you will be surprised how great you end up feeling from this simple selfless deed.

Strive to make a difference everyday and create opportunities for others. Give more than you have, leave more than you take, and help others to achieve greatness. As we truly see what we have the ability to do, we begin to more abundantly appreciate who we truly are. Discover how working for humanity can become the optimally most effective and satisfying method to living your life – especially when applying it in the most advantageous moment possible: right here and right now!

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