About Jourdan Rombough

Jourdan Rombough

As a Web Visibility Strategist, Jourdan has worked for big brands as a Product Manager, SEO Manager, and Digital Strategist. His skill sets focus on generating organic traffic, assuring the adoption and use of SEO best practices, managing editorial teams, devising content strategies, training in SEO writing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and assuring a high quality user experience for his clients’ websites. Jourdan also provides private consulting, offering Online Reputation Management, SEO Training, and Web Visibility services to his clients.

Jourdan entered into SEO and Internet Strategy when he created a Magician Blog in 2009, which later influenced him to launch The Ten Theories of Magic, allowing magicians around the world to compete against each other online. Jourdan later founded Legit Scoop and Infographaholic to assist him with A/B Testing and developing Case Studies for SEO.

Jourdan Rombough is an avid skier and has a fanatic passion for the art of magic. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and beautiful daughter, traveling, and learning new hobbies and skills with his friends.

Jourdan is PHENOMENAL. I wish there were capitals for capital letters, because that doesn't do him justice. He has been so helpful, and I truly believe that he wants to see me succeed. A lot of guys are in it for the sale, and Jourdan couldn't be farther from that. Free consultations are just the tip of the iceberg of what he has done to help me. Jourdan makes the confusing world of SEO understandable. He knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone looking to become more visible to their customers in the ever-important web space.
Collin Stover
Entrepreneur & Corporate Entertainer / Visit Website
Jourdan is EXCELLENT! I am very particular about my business website, and Jourdan exceeded my expectations. Everything I wanted he delivered and more. He came up with some fantastic brand and marketing ideas for my business which I never could have imagined. My website, logo and business are receiving more traffic and positive remarks than ever, and I owe it all to Jourdan. I would recommend him for SEO, SEM & Web design any day. Thank you!
Christian Smith
Marketing Specialist / Visit Website
Jourdan helped me with an SEO consultation recently. He was exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and honest. It's obvious after speaking with him for a few minutes that not only does he have a deep understanding of SEO, he takes the time to keep up with its constant developments. He was also very personable, and gave me the impression that he was genuinely interested in helping me. Jourdan knows his stuff inside out, he's a class act, and he works with integrity. He's at the top of my SEO expert list.
Bill Farias
Attorney / Visit Webite
I came in with little to no background on SEO. Jourdan prepared a thorough report of my site, and how I could improve upon it. He guided me through the inner workings of SEO in a clear, concise manner, and gave easy effective steps to take to improve the hits on my site and improve my visibility. He's professional, personable, and innovative in his approach. I'd highly recommend him for anyone looking to yield outstanding results while working with someone who is passionate about his work and committed to going above and beyond his clients' needs.
Jennie Fagen
Board-Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, AADP / Visit Website
Jourdan was an excellent manager at Wewomen Inc. He was able to successfully oversee the startup of a new website with growing content while also managing a team of editors and writers, myself included. Jourdan's web skills were indispensable when it came to boosting the site's visibility, which was evident in our weekly reports. He not only supervised my group of editors, but also gave us daily pointers on SEO writing, ensuring that we could maintain the success of the site while also building our own blogs and freelance writing. Beyond that, Jourdan was simply a pleasure to work with. He took everyone's opinions and ideas into consideration and ensured that communication was always open. Any company would be lucky to have Jourdan working with their team.
Cary Carr
Writer / Visit Website

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